Tell your friends about your experience at The Meadows Veterinary Center!

Your friend will receive $20 off their first exam and you will receive 20 Care Points.

What sort of things can you get from your Care Points?

For every 20 Care Points you can get one of the following services:

  • You can come in for a complimentary Nail Trim.
  • Come in and get your pet a free Anal Gland Expression.

For 20 Care Points you can also get $10 off any of the follow products:

  • Any of our routine Shampoo.
  • Our home Dental Care products.
  • Our Skin Care merchandise.
  • Omega Fatty Acid products.

Stop into the clinic and ask our friendly staff. We will help you browse our goodies and help you make the best selection for your furry family member.

Thank you for putting your trust in us!